A former developer claims that the game engine is ‘crap’ – Nerd4.life

A former developer claims that the game engine is ‘crap’ – Nerd4.life

Via ResetEra, a user known as Hevy008 claimed to have one Former developer of Bethesda reveal it starfield in development with graphics engine which cannot be defined in any other way than “bullshit”. Heavi’s identity was later confirmed by Jason Schreyer.

specially, It is in Bethesda said it provides a very safe and high quality workplace. On top of that, he said Starfield has been taking shape since the beginning of the year, but that there are some elements the team is struggling with, including space flight and the fact that “there’s probably a lot of content.” Also, according to Hevy there will be a beta release in the summer and depending on the response, it will be decided whether Starfield will actually be released on November 11, 2022. After this information was shared, Hevy’s ResetEra account has been deleted.

Jason Schreyer He claimed that Hevy is indeed the person he claims to be. Additionally, users found previous posts from Hevy regarding an independent study called CodeBlueGames, which – via their site – claims the team has worked with Bethesda in the past. So we can say that the source is most likely a former developer of the Starfield team.

Starfield artwork

However, this does not mean that what he transmitted is completely shout Or even just update the information. There may have been updates or improvements that Hevy wasn’t able to see firsthand. Starfield gameplay hasn’t been shown yet, so we have no way of knowing the quality of the game.

Among the latest information, we find a video dedicated to music and a bunch of new artwork showing the game’s setup.

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