Juventus, Allegri: Kane is out, Vlahovic is present and Pogba is not ready. Criticize my game? There are better coaches…’| first page

Juventus, Allegri: Kane is out, Vlahovic is present and Pogba is not ready.  Criticize my game?  There are better coaches…’|  first page

trainer Juventus, Massimiliano AllegriHe spoke at the press conference to present the challenge the Bianconeri will face tomorrow Sassuolo.


For now, I can only say that I don’t think Ken is available, he was freaked out yesterday. For others I’ll have to rate when I see them, Thursday’s game took a lot of energy. Our team is in good physical shape. Today I will evaluate who should play the field.

Paradise – “It’s two different situations. Paredes is fit and ready to play. Pogba is not ready to play yet.”

SZCZENSY – “Chesney? I’ll talk to him today and if he’s calm and calm he’ll come with us, otherwise I’ll give him a day off. He’s made important improvements since he arrived at Juventus. He’s one of the best goalkeepers there. She is in terms of reliability and presence on the pitch. ‘Inside the game'”.

defense – “Bremer has a sore throat, we’ve played a lot of games and let’s see how he does it. If not, there’s Rugani and Bonucci, Leo’s back in the group too”

Frattice-“He is a Sassuolo player and judging other players is not always nice. I remember going to see him with Monza and being struck by that little boy who ran everywhere on the pitch.

Sassuolo – “The fact that I’m in good technical and physical condition doesn’t change. We have to try to get back to our winning ways because we lost in Rome. We have a very important 15-day period with two cup games in between.”

classification – “It will be a difficult match. We still have Atalanta 4 points in the classification that is being written, but given the 15 points we overtook Lazio in the field classification yesterday and we have to win to get past them. There are 9 matches left, 27 points are available and we also want to improve last year’s ranking.”

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15 points – “Let’s start with Sassuolo and then we’ll think about Sporting. I can’t think more. We want to fill May with matches that will mean the cup final and the semi-finals of the Europa League”.

the game – “I respect and listen to everyone’s opinions. I find it really difficult to see my team, let alone others. I struggle with my team, I can’t give advice on how to get other teams to play. They have succeeded…”.

de logio – “We’ll see tomorrow if Berardi is there or not. De Sciglio won’t be available because he trained yesterday and he wasn’t feeling well. There are under-23 players who can replace him.”

foreigners – “Mancini’s words? I must say I speak very little and it’s one of the few qualities I have. Mancini is the coach of the national team and I think he’s doing a good job, then I don’t know how many Italian players are playing or not in Serie A.”

attacks – “Valhovic played half an hour and he’s in good shape. He’ll be in the game tomorrow. I have to see how Di Maria is today. Keza played a very good 90 minutes, but he doesn’t have to be satisfied. Very wide margins for improvement and quality is hard to find. Milik is better and can rely on it

POGBA – “Yesterday he did a very intense 20 minutes at the end of training. Today we’ll see how he does it. He can only get better. I think he’ll grow from now until the end of the tournament.”

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