Reus bets on Reempresa to strengthen business fabric and avoid business closures | Diary Tots21

Reus bets on Reempresa to strengthen business fabric and avoid business closures |  Diary Tots21

Reus bets on Reempresa to strengthen business fabric and avoid business closures |  Diary Tots21

Leaders of the Reempresa and City Council, with the new leaders of the popular Colmado Baró. Photo: Sedida

to’Reus City Councilthrough a councilCompany, recruitment and trainingrenews the cooperation agreement with Re-project To avoid the closure of businesses in the city and encourage business relocation. This new phase was presented at a press conference on Monday, which witnessed a successful case of business transfer: a historic one Colmado BaruWhich begins a new phase after repairing the store and refocusing the business.

Cooperation betweenReus City Councilemployer blind And the foundation Freelancing during Re-projectIt dates back to 2013. Since the beginning of the cooperation, Re-project It has prevented the closure of more than 69 companies in the city, generating a catalytic investment of more than 4.3 million euros and preserving more than 172 jobs.

The renewal of this service means taking another step in this historical relationship and responds to the reality of the commercial fabric Rios It is considered an essential piece in the structure of the region and therefore there is a great commitment to devoting policies that avoid the closure of companies and, on the other hand, encourage the creation and maintenance of economic activity and the workplaces that depend on it.

Re-projectWith the support of the CouncilCompany, recruitment and trainingThrough its care point in the city, located in the offices of the old hospital, it continues to work to preserve and strengthen the commercial fabric of the area, preserving companies and giving value to the efforts invested in creating and developing them. Re-project It offers impartial and transparent support to all entrepreneurs interested in selling a working business and to those entrepreneurs who want to have one without having to start from scratch. In addition, their services are free for users.

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The service aims to offer carriers an alternative to closing down operating companies that do not have continuity beyond the current owner; In addition to a new path for entrepreneurs who want to start a new activity or add a new activity to an existing group or business.

Since 2013, 3 in 10 people have restarted their businesses a Rios They were unemployed, while 6 in 10 people were working and 1 in 10 people were in an inactive employment status. On the other hand, the average transfer price of firms A Rios It is about 50 thousand euros.

As for the business sector, 9 out of 10 purchases and sales were made in the services, hospitality or trade sector, the latter being the sector that collected the largest number of transactions, at approximately 40% of the total. In addition, Reempresa provided its services to 200 transport companies in Reus that needed advice to sell their business, and 210 re-entrepreneurship projects.

Businessmen and women who move their business through a service Re-project They have the opportunity to recoup the investment, both in terms of work and finances. In addition, it allows the continuity of those companies that suffer from the lack of relief and becomes a symbol of security in terms of maintaining the commercial fabric of the territory. In the cases that the service has managed so far, it has been found that despite changing hands, the company can remain a reference in its environment.

Re-work in Catalonia

Since 2011, Re-project Achieved more than 4,608 successful cases CataloniaWith a total investment of €235.5 million, creating more than 12,988 job opportunities throughout the territory. Reempresa is the buying and selling marketplace for SMEs in Catalonia. Initiative from the employer blind Identification card’Freelancing Supported byReus City Council.

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The desired goal is Re-project The aim is to promote and regulate corporate relocation as a means of developing economic activity, avoiding the closure of economically viable businesses and the destruction of employment opportunities. In total, a Catalonia There are more than 80 points of care in the program.

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