Judit K. From Terrasse begins her tour with AVER

Judit K.  From Terrasse begins her tour with AVER

the Casa de la Musica di Terrassa This will be the first scheduled tour date for the artist from Terrasse Judith K. And people from Madrid Assert. Your suggestion fromAlternative electronics Full of contradictions and experiences, you can follow this Fridayfrom 19 hours, Which will be the first in a series of concerts that they will hold together in Spanish territory during the year 2024.

A former Obsidian Kingdom musician, egarenca produces much of his work himself, from composing the music to editing the videos. His first work was “Frontera rara” from 2021, with 10 songs. The album was written “from the border between dream and wakefulness, between memory and the present. It is a dialogue with the voice that describes the past to us when we remember, and explains our dreams to us when we wake up.”

AVER, on the other hand, is the artistic union between two artists, the Madrilins Alicia NurhuWho contributes piano, voice and lengthyNickname of Galician musician Carlos Bravo. The next stop for this union between Judit K. The AVER will be on July 27 in La Puerta Verde, in the town of Mira, in Conca. Next, they will pass through the concert hall and theater Parallel 62, in Barcelona, ​​on September 6, and on October 19, they will perform at the creative space La Divina, in the Empordá town of Albons.

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