Joint military exercises and a common front against America: What is happening between China and Russia

Joint military exercises and a common front against America: What is happening between China and Russia

One is engaged in what she callsspecial operation» For nearly 6 months, the other in military exercises increasingly expensive. Both of them, however, continue to strengthen Bilateral relations in every sector. As announced in today’s note, August 17, the Chinese Ministry of Defense will soon send their army forces popular liberation In Russia. According to official communications, despite the recent events on the island of Taiwan and the condemnations leveled against the United States by Moscow, it will not be more than an episode of joint exercises With Russian forces, but also with India, Belarus and Tajikistan, which have long been planned and organized under a cooperation agreement. Therefore, the Chinese Ministry rules out any relationship with the “current international and regional situation,” noting that this process aims to “improve the level of strategic cooperation between the two parties and enhance the ability to respond to various security threats.” Those military exercises were scheduled to take place in the Eastern Military District, Russia Already announced in July. These will be held from August 30 to September 5 and will remember those held in 2018 when the Chinese People’s Army first participated.

‘A well-planned provocation’

So, it has nothing to do with Ukraine or Taiwan. Although the Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman, in the past few hours, Wang WenbinThank you for your words of support Russian President Vladimir Putin About Taipei. Last Tuesday, August 16, during Tenth Conference On the international security of Moscow, the Russian President has set visit subordinate Loudspeaker from the american house Nancy Pelosi A well-planned provocation. According to Putin, in fact, the goal of the West will be to build an alliance similar to NATO also in the Asia-Pacific region. And to do so, He would blame Russia and China of his problems.

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only china

Recalling how it has been done so far, Wang Wenbin said that Putin’s rulings “are a manifestation of the high-level strategic cooperation between China and Russia and the firm and unwavering mutual support on issues affecting mutual core interests.” More than 170 countries Have reaffirmed the principleonly china. These days, “patrol and combat readiness tasks” are still underway, which Beijing considers essential to “protect the homeland and its territorial integrity.” On the other hand, the communist leadership has always been clear that it will be ready to use force against Taiwan, It must be necessary.

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