Orban will join the Ultras of Austria and the Czech Republic in one group

Orban will join the Ultras of Austria and the Czech Republic in one group

Yesterday, Hungarian President Viktor Orban announced the creation of a new group in the European Parliament that includes extreme nationalists from the Czechs and Austria. It will be called “Patriots for Europe” and its purpose is to “control the right wing” of the new European Chamber. Orban’s announcement came on the eve of the start of Hungary’s six-month presidency of the European Council.

The announcement of the new group was formalized in Vienna between Fidesz, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s party, the opposition Freedom Party of Austria and the Czech Alliance of Disaffected Citizens (ANO), led by former Prime Minister and businessman Andrej Babis.


It is a call to draw attention to the rest of the European political families. In other words, both the European People’s Party led by conservative Ursula von der Leyen, the socialists who will be represented by the Portuguese António Costa at the head of the European Council, and the liberals led by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas. , as a new principle responsible for European diplomacy.

But it also represents a challenge to the two far-right groups, the so-called Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) who make up Italy’s Giorgio Meloni party and the Identity and Democracy (ID) party, to which France’s Marine Le Pen belongs. He belongs to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and was excluded due to its extremism.

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