Joe Biden’s Speech | Leaving Afghanistan is “America’s best decision”

(Washington) In a firm tone, Joe Biden defended his decision to end the US war in Afghanistan on Tuesday, despite the harsh criticism of the evacuation measures and grieving the onslaught.

“I give you my word from the bottom of my heart. I firmly believe that this is the right decision, a wise decision and the best decision for the United States,” he said in a speech from the White House.

“We were a nation that had been at war for a long time.”

The Democrats said the choice was “simple” after his predecessor, Donald Trump, made a deal with the Taliban in 2020: “Tens of thousands of soldiers returned to the war following the determination of the previous administration to leave Afghanistan or tell us not to leave.”

“The real choice was between starting or ascending. I am not going to prolong this eternal war, I am not going to prolong eternal deviation.”

The Islamic State group on Thursday mourned the evacuation in the wake of an attack by the Islamic State group in Khorasan (EI-K), which killed more than 100 people, including 13 U.S. soldiers, near Kabul airport.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden warned the jihadist group: “We are not finished.

The United States launched a war on Afghanistan after the September 11 Al Qaeda attacks.

During his speech on Tuesday, the US president praised the “extraordinary success” of the expulsion of Americans and their allies from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon says U.S. planes and their allies have evacuated more than 123,000 civilians from Kabul airport in 18 days, the day before the Taliban captured Kabul.

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“No country has achieved anything comparable in history,” he said. “The extraordinary success of this mission is due to the incredible skill, courage and selfless courage of the US military, our diplomats and our intelligence experts.”

The United States is committed to expelling the remaining Americans in Afghanistan, he said, adding that the number could range from 100 to 200.

From Monday to Tuesday, the Americans announced the withdrawal of the last soldiers in Afghanistan.

The announcement sparked a successful shooting in Kabul, hailed as a “historic” victory by the Taliban.

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