Jared Leto explores the big names of climbing parks in America

Jared Leto, You know him: Leader Thirty seconds to Tuesday, Actor in the most successful films (latest Gucci’s house e Poison), Director and, you may not know it, a great fan Exterior And especially Climbing. Among his Stories from Instagram He finds it very difficult to climb walls, often in the company of superstars Alex Honold, Famous for climbing El Captain’s majestic wall at Yosemite Free solo, Without rope.

Leto is a frequent visitor National Parks of the United States He wanted to find the right path and celebrate and help raise public awareness of the need to protect them: allowing themselves to be guided in discovering dream walls by choosing a series of well-known faces from the climbing world and the American suburbs. And the corners are fantastic. Series titled The Great White Open Each consisted of 6 short films of about 15 minutes each. Six episodes – three of which were posted on Leto’s YouTube channel – will make you fall in love with the magical places that came during the trek, not with the protagonists of the videos, but with Leto proving to be a talented and enthusiastic climber.

I have 3 episodes from the Great White Open

First The winner Takes us to Yosemite, part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in eastern California – with climbing legend Tommy Caldwell, The man with whom in 2015 Dawn wall The world’s most famous Great Wall L Captain has been released. Caldwell climbs with Letto Taft Point, Popular overview Yosemite, She talks not only about the great achievements like climbing the wall at dawn, but also about the traumatic experience of her abduction in Kyrgyzstan at the age of 21.

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Yosemite is still in the background of the second chapter, Dirtback, Which focuses on the figure Renan Osterk, A versatile character, with his passion for rock, developed it into cinematography, becoming a video operator and later a documentary director. His name is associated with tall films like Meru, The Last Honey Hunter, Sherpa and The Ghosts Above.

Rock Star The third and final episode, taken at Yosemite Park, features Jarrett’s best friend, Alex Honold. Explored the corner in the company of the free individual king Rock Star It is Matthes Crest on the Tuolumne meadow. A chance for Alex to talk a little bit about himself, his career, and his father’s role in coaching him as a climber.

The other 3 chapters that follow

The Wolfman The only chapter that does not see climbers as protagonists is as an expert on wildlife, especially wolves: Douglas Smith, coordinator of the park’s wolf restoration program Yellow stone. In his company, Jared will explore Yellowstone Park and talk about the presence of wolves in the area. With the last chapter, the sixth, Independence Day Climb the cliff again with the one you climbed Sasha Digulian Climb the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, recognized as a National Monument. In the sixth and final chapter Three tetons Jared Leto travels with Peter Babinsack, a climber to Grand Dayton National Park in Wyoming.

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