Observer with arrested identity

The viewer with the identity, at the beginning Several Tour de France cyclists fell on Saturday, Many of them were injured, arrested and detained, a source close to the investigation said Wednesday.

“She is OK. He has been in police custody for a few minutes and the investigation is just beginning. ”

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“A suspect has been remanded in custody” because his section confirmed to the AFP that Brest (Northwest) public prosecutor Camille Mionsoni is a woman. “We’ll find out more by tomorrow morning,” he added.

On Tuesday, he told the press that the investigation was progressing “well”. “Things are progressing better and we hope this incident can be clarified within a reasonable time,” he assured, referring to the collection of “multiple testimonies” after the call for witnesses began. “Obviously, you have to cross-examine them, you have to check them,” he added, adding that he was “confident”.

On Saturday, during the first phase of the tour, an onlooker, who was waving a sign in the direction of the TV cameras, turned her in the direction of the race, struck Pelton and caused her to fall 45 km in several races.

An inquiry was opened into “spontaneous injuries with a disability not exceeding three months by blatantly deliberately violating the duty of protection or sanity.”

The riders of the Tour de France on Tuesday expressed their displeasure at the multiplication of the falls, a minute after getting off their bikes, a minute after the start of the 4th phase between Radon and Foucault.

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