Heating, how much it will cost to run radiators in the winter: estimates of increases in housing units in the city by city

Heating, how much it will cost to run radiators in the winter: estimates of increases in housing units in the city by city

In times of high prices, everyone is affected, but some are affected more than others. The increase in bills that begins this fall will affect many Italian families In fact, it will not be exactly the same from the north to the south of the shoe. Independent think tank “here” I tried to calculate How much will it cost to heat your home next winter, from November 2022 to March 2023. Percent jump in your gas bill compared to last year It is about three digits. While condominium managers they reckon 30% of buildings with central heating are at risk of outage. For unpaid installments and the high price of gas. who – which will increase 80% in October, Arrera calculates.

The jump in the bill from north to south

For a 110 square meter apartment, energy class “G” is the lowest efficiency range in Turinthe gas needed to protect itself from temperatures on cold days (-0.5 degrees) can cost up to €44. On milder days, with an average of 6 degrees, the figure is still no less than 30 euros. Estimated average seasonal cost up to 4141 EUR: jump higher than 283% Compared to 1,462 euros last year. With less severe temperatures, there is a slight improvement in the bill. to me Milanfor example, the daily maximum should be close €40with a winter bill that would touch on average me 3,645 EUR. When descending into Italian territory, the costs also decrease: a Rome We will come to a period of 36-23 euros per day on average, a Palermo Instead, you will have to spend between 27 and 16 euros per day.

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‘hard winter’

He commented, “Our estimates confirm that the economic efforts of families and businesses will be huge, regardless of public support.” printing Matteo Leonardi, Co-Founder and Executive Director of National Policy for “Ecco”. “The antidote to these prices in addition to tax reform is energy efficiencyToday, Leonardi continues: “Owning an energy class A home allows us to reduce the cost of our gas bill by 2/3 compared to class G.” Francesca Andreoli, researcher at Ecco added: «The strong link between market dynamics and geopolitical tensions It’s because of the price uncertainty, and it doesn’t look like the situation will change in the coming months. So it will be a difficult winter, not because of the lack of gas quantities that are so much feared since the storage level has reached 90%, but precisely For raw material cost“.

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