Issa’s opinion in episode 10/22/20

Issa’s opinion in episode 10/22/20

But how beautiful Lavinia Mauro, Sorry? This is me with the close-up shots I took during today’s episode of men and women I looked at her really charming, I find her beautiful!

Gorgeous hair, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, extremely delicate skin and an incredible innate femininity in the movements, between her and Federica Arversano I really think, in terms of beauty, this round of suitors has been really lucky.

I also loved that we talked for a few minutes about tronista’s anxiety issues, including the condition Bellavia to me Big Brother VIP This refers to panic attacks / anxiety a men and womenI’m glad that the topic of mental health is starting to come up on popular shows (which at the end of the show, let’s face it, are the ones that reach the most spectators) and that maybe we can gradually start to stop seeing people with this kind of illness like Those WhoThey invent diseases“or such”If they are sick because they do not lock themselves at home or in the psychiatrist’s office“.

The road is long, and ignorance is long (I even write it in capital letters because I am the first to admit my lack of knowledge of it) long, so every little crumb can make a gist, here.

outer between tronista and Alessio It was cute outdoors, the boy managed to wear it Lavinia relaxed and the kiss seemed to me a good, sincere kiss, of course we are at the beginning, but I would say that for the moment it is a throne Mauro Contains all the ingredients needed to work because the heroes know all the gnocchi (Alessio He’s not my type but he’s an objectively pretty boy, Francis to me amazing), there seems to be an interest, we already have a proverbial duo between the suitors, so, in short, clear of all the criticism I’ve read towards classic throne I must say that for various reasons, this round of thrones does not bother me.

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Then, of course, if you make a comparison with the ancient thrones of the past, this is a merciless comparison but it is now ancient classic throne no longer exists, men and women and the on the throneyoung people are just an accessory to nonny Who are the real heroes, and this must be admitted.

On the tarantula between AlexanderAnd the IdaAnd the Roberta and soul Ricardo who hovers in the studio even when physically absent, I think I said it all yesterday, I added just to hear plane tree Repeat the amount of zero interests proximityHow she doesn’t feel about him and how she doesn’t care about a story with him makes me laugh hysterically when I think about all the news that has come out in the past few days.

The man who goes out with Gemma Galgani He has enviable patience because someone else in his place today would have taken the chair with him Armando Encarnato above and will throw it in his face elius In Viterbo without going through the street.

Not only Armando He continues to be a columnist (with the consent of the presenter, unfortunately), but on top of that, he has that provocative and arrogant way of approaching people, and I’m really amazed at how his interlocutors manage to keep calm.

What then, but even if a Roberto He didn’t care about Galgani (as if Galgani showed interest in someone who doesn’t have the look of a camera) and just wanted to use the situation to look at himself Channel 5 And that the baker recognizes him, but he is Armando Encarnato Who is in a position to give the lecture to him? This is it? But really? Are we serious?

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Episode video: full betArmando: “Alessandro, now how’s it going?”Roberta’s despairIda: “Tonight I’m going out with Alessandro!”Gemma and Paula: Exchange of wordsRoberto and his optionsMaria: “Roberto, nobody thinks you like Gemma!”Lavinia: “My anxiety attacks…”

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