Israel orders the immediate evacuation of residents east of Rafah

Israel orders the immediate evacuation of residents east of Rafah

Today, Israel ordered the immediate evacuation of a large portion of the population east of the border town Rafah. “A call to all residents and displaced people in the Jabalia area and the Al-Salam and Al-Nur neighborhoods, Tal Al-Zaatar, Beit Lahia project, Jabalia camp, Ezbet Milin, Al-Rawda, Al-Nuzha, and Al-Wadi.” Jarn, Al-Nahda, and Al-Zuhur: Go immediately to the shelters west of Gaza City! Israel Defense Forces (direct foreign investment), Avijaa Adraei, in a message on Twitter. The Israeli army claims that it is a “dangerous combat zone” where clashes are taking place with Hamas.

Adraee stressed that “all of you who are in these areas are putting yourselves and your families at risk.” He pointed out that “it is forbidden to approach the security fence, because approaching the fence constitutes a threat to life and safety.” In parallel, The United Arab Emirates (The Emirates) criticizes the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuTo demand that they participate in the management of Gaza once the war ends. The UAE Foreign Minister said: “Netanyahu does not have the legal capacity to do any of this.” Abdala bin Zayed. Finally, the United States admitted that Israel was able to “violate international laws” during the Gaza war by using American weapons.

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