The Pope calls for finding “a little humanity” to achieve peace in Ukraine – Flama Agency

The Pope calls for finding “a little humanity” to achieve peace in Ukraine – Flama Agency

“The climate crisis is a global social problem that affects the lives of many people.”

Pope Francis has fully recovered from the mild flu he contracted in recent days and in a good tone of voice, Pope Francis took advantage of the second anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine. Scream for peace again In this “martyr country”, as well as in Palestine, Israel and the Congo. He also lamented the ongoing kidnappings in Nigeria and the extreme cold wave in Mongolia, which are “a clear sign of climate change and its effects.” He added, “The climate crisis is a global social problem.” Which had a profound impact on the lives of many brothers and sistersEspecially in the case of the most vulnerable groups.”

Francis defended the need for “a little humanity” and called for peace to be sought once and for all in Ukraine and an end to a long war that is “destroying not only this region of Europe but, in addition, It unleashes a global wave of fear and hatred“.

Christian education

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

The Gospel of the Second Sunday of Lent presents to us the event of Jesus’ transfiguration (see Mark 9:2-10).

After declaring his passion to his disciples, Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John, climbed a high mountain and there physically revealed himself in all his light. Thus, he reveals to them the meaning of what they have lived together up to that moment. The kingdom preached, the forgiveness of sins, the healings and miracles performed, were actually sparks of a greater light: the light of Jesus, the light that Jesus is. And from this light the disciples must never take their eyes off it, especially in moments of trial, such as those approaching now with the Passion.

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This is the message: Do not take your eyes off the light of Jesus. Just as farmers did in the past, when they plowed fields, they focused their gaze on a specific point in front of them, fixed their eyes on the target, and made straight furrows. This is what we Christians are called to do on the path of life: to always keep before our eyes the shining face of Jesus, and never take our eyes off Jesus.

Brothers and sisters, let us open ourselves to the light of Jesus! It is love, and it is life without end. Along the paths of existence, which are sometimes winding, we search for a face filled with mercy, sincerity, and hope. Prayer, listening to the Word, and the Sacraments help us achieve this: Prayer, listening to the Word and the Sacraments help us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. This is the good goal of Lent: to develop open views, to become “light seekers,” seeking the light of Jesus in prayer and in people.

Let us ask ourselves: Do I keep my gaze on my path fixed on Christ who accompanies me? By doing this, do I leave room for silence, prayer and worship? Finally, do I look for every little ray of light from Jesus that is reflected in me and in every brother and sister I meet? Do I remember to thank the Lord for that?

May Mary, shining with the light of God, help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and to look at each other with trust and love.

*Article by José Manuel Vidal published in collaboration with “Digital debt'

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