Is the boy who went on stage during the war an anti-Semite? Probably not –

Is the boy who went on stage during the war an anti-Semite?  Probably not –

It causes a lot of discussion boy what did he do He stormed the stage at The Game Awards 2022 At the moment of the Elden Ring Awards as Game of the Year, he gave a confused speech with Alleged anti-Semitic referencesbut some details appear in these hours that form a more complex picture of the character in question, which looks completely different from what can appear at first glance.

First, it was Forbes that investigated the matter, which Twitter will be called Matan Even, reporting how the account in question has Long history of “jokes” Like this: In 2019, he stormed BlizzCon during a World of Warcraft panel to demonstrate support for Hong Kong’s anti-China protests, and that same year, he also appeared during a Clippers match on TV wearing a T-shirt in support of himself. Wave.

Always Support for the Hong Kong protests He allegedly posted various contents on TikTok. The issue does not appear to be related to antisemitism, but it is not likely that such a character would lean towards opposing theories, perhaps simply trying to sow chaos. However, Jason Schreier also intervened in these hours, who hastened to meet the character in question.

According to Bloomberg reporter reports, the boy’s name is Mattan and he is 15 years old. Moreover, he does not appear to be in jail, as far as one can guess, despite the sudden arrest announced by Jeff Keighley in an apparent reference to a historic silencing by Maurizio Mosca.

According to Schreyer, it would “almost certainly” be a “Jewish prankster”, which the journalist would untangle because he could understand a question he was asked Jewishalthough he then pretended not to understand.

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Original article:

During the last version of The Game Awards 2022 A boy took to the stage at the time of the award for Game of the Year, or GOTY if you prefer, and uttered some bizarre phrases that put Bill Clinton into play. A careful analysis of the situation showed that A Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and that what he said had little innocence or sympathy, as he thought to refer to the former American president.

More precisely, he uttered a similar phrase to neo-Nazi far-right conspiracy circles, stating that “Bill Clinton is a reformed orthodox rabbi.” The plot he’s referring to is that the leaders of various nations are actually Jews who control the world (there are many variations, actually, but let’s stick to one delusion at a time).

Therefore, those who defended him, and also showed sympathy for his gesture, either did not understand where the latter was born, or did not share the same thoughts. It is difficult to determine the worst case scenario.

The truth is, the strongly politically flavored “gimmick” has attracted various sympathies in video game circles, even among members of the press, who have gone so far as to blame Jeff Quigley for announcing the man’s arrest on Twitter.

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