Is it necessary to declare bisomos to the treasury in 2022 income?

Is it necessary to declare bisomos to the treasury in 2022 income?

Bizum It has become one of the most popular payment methods among friends and family to settle debts or pay separately for lunches, dinners or sticks. Ha Simplicity and immediacy make it a very popular tool. Some companies and Official bodies, such as Barcelona City Councilalso include this instant payment method.

Instant payment

The service has become so popular that it has ousted other forms of payment, such as transfers, which take longer to arrive, and practically everyone makes a fuss when the amount is less than €500.

Given that it is a widespread and used tool, it is logical that many will wonder whether it is necessary in the 2021-2022 income campaign, which begins this Wednesday, to announce this type of payment and how it should be made.

The answer is yes: Organizing payments With platforms like Bizum, they have the same system as everyone else Bank transfer Banks must inform the tax authorities of high transactions and any transaction if they request it.

It's like transportation

This means that, as a general rule, transactions made through Bizum do not need to be announced through this specific tool, but for the same reason that other similar operations such as bank transfers must be announced.

But because it's an electronic tool tied to a bank, Bizum is easy to trace to the IRS. The Treasury sets the maximum amount of money that can be sent through Bizum without having to include it in the income statement, even though the payments are subject to tax control, at 10,000 euros.

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Maximum and independent amounts

However, most banks cap the maximum amount per transaction between individuals at €500 and also limit the maximum amount between individuals on a daily and monthly basis, as well as the number of transactions each user can make per month.

If the beneficiary of the Bizoum is a company or a company – a self-employed person – then the Bizoom is calculated like any payment made by card, so he must be careful if he receives it in his personal account and has very detailed and detailed payments of varying amounts, in case the treasury requests documents of the original income in Inspection.

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