Is a restyling Lancia Delta HF Integrale coming? It’s a beast

Is a restyling Lancia Delta HF Integrale coming?  It’s a beast

Lancia could contemplate bringing to life a creeping model, which until now has only been born in the mind of an artist. thus.

The Italian four-wheel icon is certainly the Lancia Delta, which has had various versions over the course of its sporting life. After the dramatic experience of S4, which cost a life Attilio Petega And Henry ToivonenIt was time for HF Integrale, which was sent to the track after Group B was banned from the World Rally Championship.

Lancia Delta (AdobeStock)

In 1988, this masterpiece instantly won the world title with the greats Mickey Biasionwhich he was able to repeat himself also in 1989, while his role in 1991 Juha Kankunenwho became world champion before bidding farewell to the Italian brand from rally racing held at the end of 1992.

Lancia has been an icon of the racing world, with other models such as the LC2 in the World Sports Prototype Championshipbeta Monte Carlo, stratos in rallies and many others, who conquered and coaxed all kinds of tracks and dirt roads, and remained in the collective imagination, from which they would hardly leave.

The Delta HF Integrale is one of the most beloved of all, and there is a lot of talk about the possibility of its return in the near future., even if it will almost certainly be entirely electric due to the technologies that have emerged in recent years. In the next few lines we will tell you about a very interesting model that will make fans of this historical model of the past excited.

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Lancia, that’s how Delta HF Integrale can be

The Italian legend is the legend of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, and its virtual return is often talked about in a future key, with some experts enjoying imagining the shapes of the future. In the last few hours, the stylist has taken care of her Thomas D’Amico To give us his idea of ​​how to create the model of the future, and dream of returning to the market in 2024.

The author’s idea is to present an updated version of the Jewel that was unveiled to the world at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show and then dominated the world rally scene. As confirmed by the architect himself, the new Deltona has been imagined with the four headlights that marry the concept of the time, even if clearly revised in a modern key.

The fenders remain enlarged, and many stylistic details are also of this type. The headlights are clearly LED technology, which at that time, for obvious reasons, could not have existed. Many options of the latest generation inside the passenger compartment, with truly dreamy lines that make all fans of the brand think big Throwwhich in the past wrote the history of the racing world as well as the history of the automobile industry.

The engine imagined by the author is a petrol turbo 2.0 AT8 with 350 hp, with automatic gearbox and rear wheel drive. Among the options, the author mentions 21-inch alloy wheels, as well as different body colors. In short, everything is very interesting. It must be said that the video was uploaded to the channel Youtube By the author very well and explains everything in detail.

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A Deltona will likely return in the future, but it’s clear that these likely won’t be its characteristics, at least at an engine level. In fact, the Italian brand is owned by the group stellantsas well Fiat and theAlfa RomeoAnd everything, in the coming years, will depend on full electricity.

Someone says that Delta may still be seen in a thermal version, as if it were a true homage to the amazing model that has lingered in all fans’ collective memory. Damico He imagined that the model would debut in 2024, but that date seems overly optimistic.

Based on this video, you will be able to get an idea of ​​this gem, hoping to re-propose it sooner or later, and maybe even resume its forms. Some models, as you will well understand, will never be forgotten, and that says a lot about the history you carry with them.

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