Epic Games Store: Free to Play September 14, 2023 Officially Announced

Epic Games Store: Free to Play September 14, 2023 Officially Announced

It was announced on Free game For computersLegendary Games Store next week. from September 14, 2023 You can download 911 Operator for free.

Per tradition, the title will be redeemable for free on the Epic Games Store at 5pm next Thursday. You can do this directly from the store client or on this is the address.

Are you ready to save lives in 911 Operator?

911 operator

911 operator is a game Simulation and strategy Which puts us in the role of an emergency operator to manage emergency calls and send the appropriate medical units to the situation. We will be able to play in any city in the world using real maps from OpenStreetMap.

We will find ourselves facing different situations, from the most dramatic and requiring maximum attention to the funny or annoying ones, all of which follow the rules of first aid. The game also provides Employment status With six selected cities and unique events.

What do you think about the free-to-play game arriving on the Epic Games Store next week? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s the free PC game available starting today, September 7, 2023, on the Epic Games Store.

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