Iran, Terzi (FdI): “It is time to change the policy of ‘appeasement’ pursued by the European Union and the United States”

Iran, Terzi (FdI): “It is time to change the policy of ‘appeasement’ pursued by the European Union and the United States”

Milan. Numbers of repression Tehran is implementing to stop the riots that have spread across the country – following the killing of young men. Masha Amini by the “moral police”—dramatic but only the tip of the iceberg”, which “has its roots in the oppressive Khomeinism and persecution of the mullahs in power for more than forty years.”

The senator said so Brothers of ItalyAnd Julius TaraziOn the occasion of the vote, indications of approval of the decision to respect women’s rights in Iran and the suppression of protest demonstrations. “It is time for a radical change in the policy of ‘appeasement’ that the EU and member states have pursued for a very long time,” says Terzi.
“The centrality of human rights, the rule of law and the rule of law must be strongly reaffirmed. Today – Tarazi repeated – the militias recruited by Iran are fighting alongside the Russian army in the aggression against Ukraine with drones and missiles provided by the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.

“Do we want to continue to pretend that all this does not exist? Facing – he reads a note – the dangers that many agents in the service of the regime pose to the safety and lives of many dissidents and dissidents of the regime,” insists Terzi. Instead, the Iranian social components that believe in democracy and legitimacy, such as the National Council of Resistance of Iran led by the President. Maryam Rajaviwhich – it is still written – “has been fighting the regime for more than forty years. An organization that has suffered the massacre of more than 30,000 People’s MujahideenIn 1988 carried out by order of khomeini, by the “Death Commission” headed by Ebrahim Raisi, the current President of Iran.

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Terzi repeated “The urgent need to enter a file Revolutionary Guard Corps On the lists of terrorist organizations, to more effectively punish the regime in Tehran. In fact, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard represents the main center of power in the country, controls more than half of the Iranian economy, and is, along with Hezbollah, the main operational tool at the military level and supporting terrorism, which is used by the Iranians. The system operates in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and now in Russia as well,” the note concludes.

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