Iran accuses, not European proposal against US sanctions – last hour

(ANSA) – Istanbul, 13 Dec. – Iran, France, Great Britain and Germany have been criticized for saying they would not have put forward any proposal to lift US sanctions against Tehran after former President Donald Trump abandoned the deal. Nuclear Power 2015.

“European participants have failed to propose any attempt to reduce the distance related to the lifting of sanctions,” Ali Bakery, Iran’s deputy foreign minister and head of Iranian talks, told state television during talks on resuming the nuclear deal in Vienna. November 29. The last session of talks between Russia and China took place last Thursday in the Austrian capital.

Bakery stayed in Vienna for the weekend to discuss with delegates from Moscow and Beijing.

“I have had constructive and fruitful meetings with the chief negotiators of China and Russia. We have exchanged views on how to proceed and coordinated our positions at various points. We will continue to work hard to reach a good agreement,” Bageri told reporters at the Iranian agency Irna.

During the talks, Iran presented two plans for improving its nuclear program and lifting the sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran.


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