iPhone battery damaged? You can't imagine how much it costs to fix it: crazy prices irritate users

iPhone battery damaged?  You can't imagine how much it costs to fix it: crazy prices irritate users

If your iPhone battery is damaged, there are crazy prices to get it repaired. Here's the latest report that has users riled up.

One of the problems that often affects Users who own an iPhone And the Damaged battery Or worn out to be replaced. That is, the process inevitably requires the assistance of help, whether it is the official help from Apple or that from a third-party store. However, according to a recent report, cell replacement prices are often insane.

If your iPhone battery is damaged, here's how much you'll pay to replace it – mrinformatico.it

In particular, you should pay attention to the type of battery wear and understand whether it really needs to be replaced or whether you just need to rely on MagSafe portable charger or power bank. In fact, there are many effective solutions that will give you the opportunity to overcome the error and still be able to enjoy good independence throughout the day. Even if you are always away from home. But if it is necessary to replace a damaged battery, What are the costs? Here is all the updated data.

Replacing a damaged iPhone battery: The costs are staggering

After a period of use, it is normal iPhone battery It starts showing some damage and performance issues. You can check its location directly from iPhone Settings, go to Battery and check its status percentage. If it is less than 80% The first problems may appear.

How much does it cost to replace a damaged iPhone battery – mrinformatico.it

So it becomes almost mandatory to get help for the replacement. But what are the costs? Starting from March 2023, to start purchasing an original battery for previous models of iPhone 14, There is an additional cost of 24 euros. The Cupertino OEM also made itself clear with an announcement on the official support page. There is a notice explaining this price increase in detail.

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As of March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery assistance fee has been increased by €24 for all models“The notice reads. Therefore, all things considered, the costs to be incurred for this action They easily reach 99 euros. Which we remember applies to all iPhone 13 devices up to the iPhone X that are no longer covered by warranty. However, there is a post on Apple's official website To get an instant quote On the price you have to pay, in order to understand how to save money and get a new battery ready for use.

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