Inzaghi finds him Inter again

Inzaghi finds him Inter again

2-0 in Verona, the son of the first half excellent and regain control. Variable korea and tile de friege

first half of Inter At the end of (almost) the 2020 edition, a recovery in idling, under full management: this is how the Nerazzurri showed, yesterday in the 2-0 Verona match, that the difficult moment of February really seemed completely behind us and put more pressure on Milan and Napoli. A game that is immediately taken up in the correct tracks thanks to a Persuasive and decisive approachas we haven’t seen in some time, facilitated by softness – At least in position – of opponents But it would be inconceivable not to notice how in the first 45 minutes the plots and mechanics were very similar to the best version of Inzaghi’s team.

That was just about everything mental block errorAnd As the coach himself said at the end of the game? In this case, the filthy but very valuable 1-0 ballpark would look like the gasoline in the engine, which seemed to be missing in the central part of the second half when Barilla dip (replaced by Vidal on the sufficiency thread) E Dzeko Inter’s center of gravity, still in control of the match thanks to Brozovic’s good streak – much smoother than it was in Turin – – lowered to Perisic In all areas and on state of grace Which she never seems to give up on ScreenYear.

Also good indicators from Korea Which seems to form a more suitable duo with Dzeko than the one between the former Roma and Laotaro, Tucu has the movements and touches of the second striker and allows the team The main differences in the theme Compared to the “double tower” formed by the bull with the Bosnian. If the condition will help him, he was replaced yesterday due to a knee kick, he will be an important variable in Inzaghi’s hand to cancel some types of matches from the first minutes as well as during the race to give more quality in the final dash of matches. To open.

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They only remain from Evaluation of de Freij’s conditions, was out at 45 minutes due to thigh dissatisfaction after he had just come back from the problem in the sole. The masked D’Ambrosio – who contributed in two consecutive games without conceding a goal, which has not happened at Inter for a month – gives guarantees but it is clear that Inzaghi prefers playing the Scudetto cards with a full defence. However, what matters at the moment is getting back on track: in terms of results and as a game idea.

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