Champions Atalanta-Villarreal postponed due to snowfall: new start on Thursday at 19 | News

The match was postponed after the decisive match between referee Taylor and the coaches

in the end Atalanta Villarreal postponed due to snow NS It will be held on Thursday at 19 o’clock. After the initial contact that indicated the new kick-off time at 16.30, UEFA retook its steps by accepting the requests of the two clubs (Atalanta in the league) who insisted on entering the stadium later, in In order to protect the fans Allow easy access to the stadium after business hours.

The decision to postpone the match was taken in order to preserve the safety of the players (due to the ground covered with snow and not despite the work of the bulldozers) and for the importance of the match as the two teams compete for the second place in the group. . UEFA’s position was initially to play anyway and then assess progress, but the stadium would be destroyed and thus risk becoming impractical due to a potential fresh start. After returning to the locker room, UEFA contacted the two clubs New match start time, tentatively scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 16:30. However, Atalanta and Villarreal agreed to play at 20.30, an overlap in the European League program that UEFA opposed. After new talks the final decision to play at 7 pm.

To explain the reason for today’s postponement, Atalanta CEO said, Umberto Marino: “The referee tried to play to the end, evaluated the development of the weather and then confronted the coaches correctly and decided to postpone the match also based on the opinion of a technician who assessed the risks that the players might have to take the field.”

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