Inter in chiaroscuro: Asllani shines, Lukaku not yet. But what an understanding with Lautaro

Inter in chiaroscuro: Asllani shines, Lukaku not yet.  But what an understanding with Lautaro

“This Inter-Monaco must be taken with the utmost caution, because any friendlies in the summer can be confusing. However, something glimpses of the new Inter. In particular, Aslani shined again, already among the best in Lugano’s exit, after which it was understood how the return of Lukaku immediately benefited Martinez, who was already lively, snappy, and several times close to the goal he deserved. It seems to us that Lautaro is dressed in the happiness of a child who has found the yard’s best friend. “This is the general picture that Gazzetta dello sport Drawn after the second official friendly match for Inter, which begins against the French with an “unacceptable” defense, with a triple line formed by it Darmian, D’Ambrosio, and Demarco. “Pure experimental” that cannot be repeated in the league as it dictates Magpie who assesses the situation.

“Skriniar stayed at Pinetina waiting to see what his new team would be,” De Vrij and Bastoni kept watching. Inzaghi’s message is clear: “The emergency is here, Bremer is wanted and another power plant will be needed.”Especially net the difficulties encountered in the first part of the game for various D’Ambrosio and Bellanova. The difficulties you make up for original Quality and character: “He doesn’t run away from the ball, he asks for it, and in the long run he has found a way to weave his football.” About Al-Albani “It is too early to express himself definitively, but the impression is clear today, 20-year-old Empoli Inter has bought a piece of the future. Aslani is not Brozovic, he has other characteristics, but he has the trigonometric knowledge of a potential great manager. We are not convinced that he can Playing with Brozovic, but we don’t feel left out” he reads looking at magazine The categorical confirms this: “Inter in the midfield is strong, even if Inzaghi had to convey a tactical identity to Mkhitaryan, who was completely lost last night in his swings between midfield and the trotter.”

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Self Mkhitaryan Did not “point”, the same thing happened to lukakuNot yet in his prime. At Ferrara the Belgian gave a ‘controversial’ performance: he wasn’t exactly ruthless in the first half, optimal in building the movement that leads to the 2-2 goal in the second half. “Between the two parties there is a truth, the truth of understanding with Martinez‘, a legacy that Inzaghi finds himself in his hands and that Dybala’s arrival there is a danger that could undermine (?).

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