Japan, Shinzo Abe’s last dream come true: his party wins the elections

Japan, Shinzo Abe’s last dream come true: his party wins the elections

The ruling parties have two-thirds of the council.

Under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (Gimento), along with its ally Komeito, clinched a large majority in the elections for the partial renewal of the Senate. The murder of Shinzo Abe shocked the whole of Japan, a country with extremely low crime rates. The two government allies can now count on the two-thirds of the Assembly needed to amend the basic charter, thanks to the support of the Japanese Innovation Party and the People’s Democratic Party, both opposition forces: the current number is more than 170 out of a total of 248 seats. Armored control of the loft has been added to that already in The safe in the lower room is the most powerful.

With the count not yet complete, opinion polls and real vote flows are crediting the ruling coalition with at least 75 of the 125 seats to snatch. In order to attach the traditional mix to the winning seat committee, Kishida said it was “extremely important” to ensure that elections were held just two days after Abe’s assassination. “It is proof that we will not succumb to terrorism,” he said, after observing a minute’s silence in memory of the longest-serving post-war prime minister.

The Commitments Abe Was Fighting For: The New Capitalism And The Military –

The massive success will enable Kishida to carry out his political commitments, including creating a “new form of capitalism” and doubling military spending in the face of global uncertainties in the wake of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the growing threat from Beijing. “I want to achieve results for the new type of capitalism that I promoted,” the prime minister noted. The new form of capitalism mentioned by Kishida, which aims to help the struggling classes two years after the Covid-19 epidemic, appears to refer to the former prime minister’s “three stocks” Abenomics, which stimulated the economy but widened income inequalities.

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The majority will get their hands on the pacifist constitution.

As for the constitutional changes, the party plans are slightly different from each other, but Kishida promised to fill in the loopholes and put a bill before Parliament, which will speed up the pace. The review, once approved, will be submitted to a popular referendum.

How much does my father’s death “weight”?

Abe’s killing certainly had an impact on the elections, albeit difficult to estimate: turnout was 52.16% (more than 3% compared to 2019) and government forces took advantage of the opposition’s rift. Gemento won no fewer than 63 seats (55 seats), the best result since 2013. Kei Sato, the candidate who supported Abe during a rally in Nara where he was killed, was reelected. “I’m going to Tokyo to tell the former prime minister about this victory,” Sato said, referring to Monday’s aftermath.

The crazy thesis of Abby’s killer –

The 41-year-old bomber, Tetsuya Yamagami, said he targeted Abe thinking he was linked to a “religious group” (many media speculated that it might be the Unification Church founded by Reverend Moon,
popular in the ’80s) joined by his mother, making donations that propelled the family into the streets. Meanwhile, investigators reported that Yamagami also attempted to build a bomb as well as assemble several homemade guns, one of which he used to kill Abe.

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