Independent media: “Russian battalion annihilated by Kyiv forces.” Soldier Alive: “Recruits Left at the Front”

Independent media: “Russian battalion annihilated by Kyiv forces.”  Soldier Alive: “Recruits Left at the Front”

Russian independent media Firstka she has a statement That on November 2, an entire battalion of Russian soldiers was eliminated by Ukrainian troops near the village of makevkain the area Lugansk. According to reports, the victims will be hundreds. The story is taken from one of the survivors, reported by the Russian Army newspaper Oleksiy Agafonov. It is a battalion of soldiers mobilized from the Russian Voronezh region. November 2 Agafonov said that the unit was bombarded by Ukrainian artillery as the Russian commanders fled their positions.” 500 military They can be dead or injured. From the surviving soldier also comes a description of the moments before the Ukrainian bombing. They told us to dig, but we only had three shovels per battalion and we had no support. We dug as best we could and then in the morning the bombardment started with artillery, rockets, mortars and helicopters.”

‘Officers have disappeared’

The story then moves on to the current situation of the Russian citizens mobilized in the war: “They show on TV that everything is beautiful, but the reality is different. In the Lugansk region The mobilized people are thrown to the frontwhile contract soldiers and volunteers are in the third row and in Officers no trace. here there Complete confusion and discord. All survivors and new arrivals are assembled into new battalions and the front line is launched to close the line of defense.” Testimony cast despair to the families of the mobilized soldiers, quoted by Verstka: “They organized a meeting near the building of the Prosecutor’s Office in Voronezh, asking them to tell them the truth about what happened to their loved ones,” explains the magazine. “We were told over the phone that our children were alive and well and doing their military duty. But who can stay alive and well when everyone out there is killed?she is my doubt Oksana KhlodovaSoldier’s mother Andrey Khlodov. The testimony of Anna, the wife of another mobilized soldier, is also interesting: “They are frightened, they are bombed, they are abandoned without preparation, without anything.”

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