5g, new request for adjournment in the United States for the dangers of interfering with aircraft equipment

U.S. officials ask Stars and Stripes telephony companies At & T and Verizon A new adjournment for two weeks Install their new pads 5G frequency. This request has been made following the concerns expressed by Airbus and Boeing Possible interruptions in flight, especially radio altimeters, instruments that measure the distance of an aircraft from the ground. The peaks of the two Companies wrote recently A letter to competent authorities to re-emphasize potential risks in terms of safety at certain stages of the aircraft. In fact, the tug-of-war between the big names in the sky and the telecommunications companies in this matter 5g has been going on for a long time, mainly about who should take it Economic costs of adapting communication frequencies to aircraft.

The date for the launch of 5G in the United States was first set December 5, Then it changed January 5. Now the new request for adjournment was made especially by the Minister of Transport Pete Boutique and Steve Dixon, President of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US organization for aviation security. TLC companies respond that signal strength levels are low enough Interruption should be excluded Please note that using 5G outside the United States does not cause air traffic problems. In fact TheTo France Recently revealed Concerns about the risk of potential interruption And an order was issued prohibiting the use of 5g devices during flights. Some astronomers point out how power levels and frequencies vary between different countries and how some countries have implemented the same and security. American airlines need

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