In the land of Solidar covered with the corpses of the Russians. The United States is moving toward new arms shipments

In the land of Solidar covered with the corpses of the Russians.  The United States is moving toward new arms shipments

Last night, Volodymyr Zelensky said that the cities of Bakhmut and Solidar are resisting, and that the land in the latter “will be covered with the corpses of Russian soldiers.”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his usual nationwide address, said last night that the cities of Bakhmut and Solidar were still holding out despite the widespread destruction. The Kyiv leader, in particular, made it clear that there was no longer any intact wall in Solidar and that The ground will be covered with the corpses of Russian soldiers.

The United States will send Stryker armored fighting vehicles

Moreover, according to Ukrainian officials, Russia is preparing fresh forces to launch a new major offensive into Ukraine, possibly towards the capital Kyiv. In light of this, the United States is organizing the next shipment of military aid, also taking into account the shipment of Stryker armored fighting vehicles.

The news follows the Biden administration’s announcement last week that it will send 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, a powerful tracked armored personnel carrier that carries an automatic cannon, machine gun and tow missiles. According to sources in the US newspaper Politico, the Strykers could be part of the next batch of military aid. The US administration may announce the package late next week at a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Germany.

Former CIA director: ‘Kyiv is about to launch a counterattack’

In this vein, former CIA Director David Petraeus goes even further. Interviewed by La Stampa newspaper, the general declared that “Kyiv is about to launch a counterattack with the weapons supplied by the West.”

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“I expect – he explained – a new Ukrainian counteroffensive in the coming months with the reoccupation of other areas in the south of the country.” According to Petraeus, “Putin faces a very difficult challenge: Ukraine has wrested the strategic initiative from Russia and its forces are now larger and more capable than those in Moscow. Kyiv has managed to mobilize the entire population and so far has been performing stellar. In terms of responding on the ground, guided by positive leadership To President Volodymyr Zelensky somehow inspired by the leadership of Winston Churchill, like to push every Ukrainian to mobilize, one way or another, to make one’s own contribution so that the nation wins the war for its independence.”

Then Petraeus says: “We must not lose sight of the importance of financial, economic and individual sanctions launched by the West against Russia and the small circle of officials, oligarchs and military close to Putin, as well as the blockade of exports. Because there will be no meaningful negotiations until the head of the Kremlin realizes that the war is not only Unsustainable on the battlefield given the casualties in men, but not so politically on the home front.”

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