Beijing sends uncompromising ambassador to Washington

(Beijing) According to the Chinese embassy, ​​China has sent an envoy to the Qin Gang, a Chinese militant, at a time when relations between the two leading world powers are “at a standstill”.

Despite many rumors, the appointment has not been confirmed from an official source. Qin arrived at JFK Airport in New York on Wednesday, where the Chinese embassy in Washington released photos of the new ambassador. Wearing a mask with a prominent red flag.

Mr. Kin is known as a “fighting wolf”, this new breed of Chinese diplomats known for their aggressive tone against Western nations.

However, as soon as he arrived, he was reconciled to his hosts.

“I will work to create channels for communication and cooperation with all sectors of the United States, and I will work to get the Sino-US relationship back on track,” he promised.

Origin of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Human Rights, Trade, Technology and Govt-19: There is no shortage of contentious issues between the two leading world powers and US President Joe Biden has not consistently changed the policy of conflict. His predecessor was Donald Trump.

On Monday, China issued a formal indictment against Washington’s policies.

Bilateral relations are “at a standstill”, his Chinese spokesman began, accusing the Americans of seeing China as “an imaginary enemy”.

The new US administration has not appointed an ambassador to Beijing, but press reports have reported that industry ambassador Nicholas Burns has been appointed.

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