In the article History of the City of Science – Books

In the article History of the City of Science – Books

(ANSA) – Rome, June 06 – Diletta Capisi, “What happened to the City of Science,” (Guide Editors, p. 257, EURO 15) In this article by Ghida, journalist Dilitta Capisi traces the origin and evolution of the Città della Scienza, scientific and technological center In the former industrial area of ​​Bagnoli, in Naples. It was inaugurated in 1996, with the aim of making it a leading structure in Campania and the South. Is it just another unfinished project or is it another metaphor for southern Italy? “

One chapter contains a long interview with Vincenzo Lipardi, co-founder and former director of Città della Scienza.

“Naples has not – but I think our country in general – has grasped the real potential that is opening up with the digital revolution and Industrialization 4.0,” says Lipardi, and, speaking of the Neapolitan capital, adds: “Our ruling class has remained the same in the past century and the old economy; it does not innovate, it stands without Motion, between amazement and annoyance, at the productive, residential, and even cultural desertification of the city and its utter deprivation of responsibility, basks in a united celebration of the glories of the past and the beauties of places.”


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