“Human remains” were found near the possessions of KP Petito’s boyfriend

(Miami) “Human remains” belong to Coffee Pedito, the boyfriend of a young traveler murdered in a Florida nature reserve, whose disappearance has shocked the United States, the U.S. Federal Police said Wednesday.

In the “formerly underwater” area, FBI agent Michael McPherson “found human remains with a bag belonging to Brian Laundry and personal items such as a notebook.” Forensic scientists will be on site “probably for several days,” he said.

“Items belonging to Brian were found,” said Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the laundry family, near the trail he went on, in a statement.

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Gabriel Pettito, Utah, August 12, 2021 Police video captured during a dispute response.

Brian Laundry’s parents visited the place Wednesday morning, he added.

Documenting her passage in the U.S. West on social networks, KP Petito went missing when she traveled with her fianc Brian Laundry in August, raising strong emotions and questions about the role played by their Florida home lone returnee.

The body of a 22-year-old man was found near Grand Dayton National Park. According to the autopsy, she was strangled.

Brian Laundry, 23, described as “interested in the investigation,” initially refused to answer police questions.

He, too, finally disappeared, disappearing for weeks.

Brian Laundry was charged with bank card fraud and was issued an arrest warrant by federal police.

A video released in September by police in Moab, Utah, added to the young man’s personality.

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“She gets annoyed sometimes,” he specifically told agents, who was invited to the marriage dispute, while Coffee Petito appeared in tears in a car.

The announcement of these new components in the investigation was widely covered by U.S. television on Wednesday, which sent helicopters to film the search area.

The disappearance of KP Petito, then the hunt to find her boyfriend, was the subject of numerous media coverage, and in the vast expanse of publications on social networks, Internet users sought to locate the woman.

The extraordinary media coverage of the neglect given to the disappearance of white women compared to the minority sparked a controversy.

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