In Man's Bones 11/2/2024 | Zero wave radio

In Man's Bones 11/2/2024 |  Zero wave radio

The entire program is in good hands, with Carles Aguilar. Cardiovascular stress is a term that refers to the relationship between psychological stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has been shown that chronic stress can have a significant impact on cardiovascular health. When a person experiences stress, the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and inflammation in the body, contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular accidents. The doctor explains it to us. Rafael Guaita, specialist in preventive medicine and public health.

Regenerative medicine involves a series of treatments that seek to regenerate tissues and organs. Regenerative medicine is a broad field that includes research into self-healing, meaning that the body uses its own systems, sometimes with the help of biological materials, to regenerate cells and rebuild tissues and organs. Unlike many conventional treatments, some of which are expensive, have side effects, and which target not the causes but the symptoms, cell therapy has had very positive responses, especially for the treatment of osteoporosis. Talk to Dr. Humberto Lucertales, Director of Medicentre.

doctor. Carlos Larrea, Vice President of the Spanish Society of Strabology and Pediatric Ophthalmology, talks with Carles Aguilar about the book “Flying Without Wings – Living with ALS” in which he recounts his experience with ALS, a disease with which he was diagnosed in 2021. During the interview, a law was approved that regulates and specifies the necessary economic and health assistance that these patients need in their daily lives, as 94% of families in which there is an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient are unable to bear the expenses required by the disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an irreversible, fatal, and incurable neurodegenerative disease characterized by the progressive deterioration and death of motor neurons. As a result, it gradually paralyzes all the muscles in the affected person's body, so that the person stops walking, moving, speaking, eating… and even breathing without assistance.

Genetic factors, or genetic inheritance, refer to the variants found in each individual's DNA that are the direct cause of a particular disease or that are predisposition variants, that is, variants that would increase an individual's risk of developing it. In the general population there are polymorphisms, that is, genetic variations that increase or decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. These differences do not cause disease in themselves, but they can increase the odds of developing cardiovascular disease when combined with other risk factors. The doctor explains it to us. José Abellan Aleman, Director of the Chair of Cardiovascular Risk at the Catholic University of Murcia and President of the Murcia Society of Arterial Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk.

Lack of early diagnosis, lack of specialization in gynecological oncology, and disparities in care in gynecological oncology surgical interventions were the main topics addressed during the day at the MPs' conference on the 'Together for Excellence' approach to treating gynecological cancers, promoted by By the Association of Patients with Ovarian Cancer (ASACO) and the Association for Hereditary Ovarian Cancer (AMOH), with the support of the biopharmaceutical company GSK and BioInnova Consulting. Currently there are enough resources and hospitals in our country to carry out individualized treatments for all diagnosed patients, so we do not ask for more centers Hospitals or investment, only all patients are referred to referral centers where they receive optimal care, regardless of whether they have to or not. Moving from an autonomous community. Carles Aguilar speaks to Sonia Cabezon, coordinator of the Association of People with Ovarian Cancer (ASACO) in Biscay and a patient in a clinical trial.

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