IKEA is also revolutionizing electrical sockets: the home becomes smart for less than 10 euros

IKEA is also revolutionizing electrical sockets: the home becomes smart for less than 10 euros

IKEA is implementing a real revolution and making it possible to make your home smart by spending just 10 euros.

Thanks to lower prices and newer generation tools, the company allows you to buy sockets and more, offering a full range of products for the home for Improve security and ease of use with digital devicesAll at a very low price.

These not only allow you to have greater comfort in the home environment but also to make the most of Alexa or any other home automation hub present in the home and thus Proceed with turning the devices on and off But also determine better safety in case of short circuit.

IKEA launches smart electrical sockets: smart home for 10 euros

Today we will talk more and more about smart homes, This term refers to the possibility of including specific elements Therefore, it is of a technological nature that makes using the environment much easier. You can control the blinds, open and close the doors, adjust the temperature, and even the lighting. All this without having to click on anything, you can simply do it with your voice or from your smartphone.

Smart home for less than 10 euros

Smart plugs, what is changing at home (designmag.it)

Many believe that capital should be spent on this type of tool but this is not the case. To start modifying the layout of the property and creating your own circuit, it does not take much, as IKEA has only cost 10 euros since the launch of the new product and it is actually a revolution in price as well. Line includes Not only smart plugs but also other things like detectors Which can be used to identify leaks immediately, both for the safety of the environment and the safety of the people living there.

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Sockets are essential because they are very easy to use and are therefore open to everyone, even those who are not particularly familiar with these systems. Take IKEA It costs only €7.99 and uses Zigbee technology, a wireless standard Allowing you to control all your home appliances intelligently. The socket simply needs to be inserted into the mains and can be used for any type of accessory, then everything is planned directly from the app with just a few clicks. sIt connects to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home, and there's a free Ikea app that can be downloaded and integrated. Everything to make your home smart.

With this technique you can determine when Turn on or off a specific device, thus saving a lot of costs as well on your bill or the ability to turn the lights on even when you're in bed without necessarily creating a live socket near your bedside table. All for a really simple price that centralizes functionality and makes life more convenient.

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