If you are using Linux on your computer, you should immediately check if you are infected with this malware

If you are using Linux on your computer, you should immediately check if you are infected with this malware

Anyone using Linux on their computer needs to be extremely careful, as malware can infect the device.

There are many risks and pitfalls online that require great attention, as users need to pay special attention to preventing the spread of malware capable of infecting devices. The latest virus targets everyone who has Linux on their computer, so let’s find out what it is and how to defend ourselves.

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The interest in IT security for users is always very high, and Kaspersky cybersecurity experts have once again taken care to alert users to potential risks, after detecting an attack capable of affecting all users who… They downloaded the Linux operating system onto their computers. In detail, this predicament developed when a program called Free Download Manager (FDM) was downloaded. In fact, hackers hacked the site in 2020.

At this point, the attackers were able to distribute an infected installer that remained unnoticed for more than three years. So it was FDM that took the front line to solve the problem and took quick action to protect all users. That’s why the program decided to launch it New scanning software is able to check for malware. So let’s find out what the latest danger is and how to defend yourself.

If you have Linux on your computer, be wary of this malware: you may have installed it without knowing it

Among the most popular cross-platform download managers we certainly find Free Download Manager. Although this service is highly regarded, for three years it released malware that unobtrusively affected all those who had Linux as a service running on their computers. According to preliminary investigations A group of hackers has infiltrated the FDM website By manipulating the download page. Now we will see what happens if you unintentionally download the program from the official website.

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How to defend yourself from the latest predicament – ​​Computer-Idea.it

In fact, once Linux users downloaded Free Download Manager to their machines, they consequently downloaded it as well Information-stealing malware and backdoor. In this way, cybercriminals were able to create a Reverse shell connection on your servers. In the past, some users reported unusual behavior of their computers after downloading the device. Furthermore, FDM also conducted an internal investigation to trace the source of the problem.

At the end of the study, the company confirmed that all users who downloaded FDM during the period from 2020 to 2022 were exposed to the attacks, and the defect was fixed with a simple routine update. To warn all users of the potential danger FDM decided so Launch a script that alerts all users about a potential data leak. While the script identifies the presence of certain files, it should be noted that it does not remove those suspicious files. Finally, FDM advises all users to reinstall the operating system to avoid any kind of risks.

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