If this continues, a lot will be left on foot in 2035

If this continues, a lot will be left on foot in 2035

The plan drawn up by all EU member states calls for the final discontinuation of petrol and diesel cars by 2035. To reach the green tipping point and cross the ecologically sustainable mobility milestone, we must say goodbye to cars equipped with traditional internal combustion engines and replace them with 100% electric models.

Worrying data about electric cars – Motori.News

Now, we’re only talking about something electric cars But at what point are we on the path towards the green tipping point?

Some data was recently released by pillow case They worry and cause an intense fear that farewell to internal combustion engines is not possible, which makes you risk turning away. Alarm silencedhere because.

Electric cars: Federauto data worrying

13 years after the deadline for the final farewell to heat-sucking engines, the situation is not the most optimistic. Italian citizens still have to understand the importance of electric cars in the green change.

This is evidenced by sales data Electric cars are a disaster in Italy.

This data originated from a Recent research commissioned by Federauto was conducted before search format: The picture is critical, the Italians did not understand the importance of the electric future for mobility at all.

electric cars
Electric Vehicle Data Consortium – Motorinews.it

Let’s find out the data.

Electric car sales in Italy are slow

of annoying data from Federauto . search It turns out that in 5 years (from 2017 to today), only1.9% of electric cars sold. It’s a depressing fact: It’s leading insiders to fear that we won’t be able to achieve the green tipping point for fully electric vehicles by 2035. In essence, 13 years won’t be enough to achieve the complete transformation of the auto market.

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From Federauto’s research it appears that, at the moment, motorists who are most attracted to electric cars are above all else Young people and citizens residing in large urban areas. A number that doesn’t smile at all for technology, considering that the numbers, as we’ve seen before, are too low to hope for sustainable environmental change by 2035.

electric cars
Electric Vehicle Data Consortium – Motorinews.it

Federauto chief, Adolfo Di Stefani Cosentino, confirms it: To date, the electric car market is considered a niche market. He concludes with an optimistic view:

And as it becomes more accessible and Italy will have the necessary infrastructure, electric cars of the future will be able to gain new market space.”

In fact, optimism does not prevail in the car market. for this reason The limit set in 2035 can be extended.

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