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US tour reopens: Tourists can return to US from November 8

Chechnya, November 5, 2021 – It may just be snow. A slab surrounded by groceries, with skates rolled up with it. May or may not. Because the recommendation is the same Precious magic. Because, for those who like the genre, nothing likes it ‘The Ring’ at Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve. One of the most famous skating rinks in the world Gem in the heart of NYC. A dream that many (a lot) of people from the season will start lending.

Monday On November 8, the United States reopens its gateways to Europeans Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. “The wait is too long – he confirms Luca Manusi Historically significant Chechen agency -: The fact that states have exceeded the limit for twenty months has created very high expectations, and now bookings are on the rise. Too requested? Natal is a New York, A classic with timeless charm. But not only that, the agenda for the coming months is also filling up. There are already people who think about Easter“. One condition: Must show ‘full vaccination’ certificate when boarding the aircraft.

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Vaccines, Isolation, Integration: What is needed

Those who are not vaccinated are at home – Manusi is very clear in this matter -. And in any case in addition you need one Negative buffer Govt carried out 72 hours before departure. The same procedure must be followed before returning to Italy.

The green light is on, therefore, because the risk of finding a hot potato in your hands is still real In case of positive virus You will be forcedStay isolated abroad. Given that medical treatment is also not required. “The important thing is to prepare for the trip as far as the United States is concerned Insurance policy is important. Requires valid health care, as well as any repayment if the stay is forcibly extended. The role of professionals in this field is important because it is like a holiday only if you live with the calm mindset of those who know that they do not take risks.

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All other places

Not just the United States, However. Govt has given as little thought as possible to anti-masks and ornaments, giving infectious wings to the desire to unpack and pack from the four walls of the house. “Because of this ‘Green Corridors’ They are very popular. As for Italy, they have been identified Places without Govt This guarantees fun and maximum security because in practice these are completely isolated areas from the rest of the world, with very strict restrictions on all frequent visitors: topping the list Maldives, Fill in the blanks, followed From Mauritius, Seychelles, The Caribbean islands of Aruba and Santo Domingo And from destinations Red Sea Like Sharm and Marsa Alam. “These days, last year, Italy closed its doors to all and sundry, but now we are thinking about the holidays.” I am optimistic for good reason. Vaccines have changed the decision of the party, and if we continue to follow this path the restrictions will continue to decrease.

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