“I want to enter the confessional and clarify things.”

“I want to enter the confessional and clarify things.”

Edoardo Tavassi asks to help produce Big Brother Vip, here’s what happened at home.

Edward Tavasi He is one of the most loved and appreciated contestants of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIPpopular reality show Channel 5 conducted by Alfonso Signorini. Frankly and ironically, the Gwendolyn’s brother He conquered everyone inside and outside the famous Casa di Cinecità.

Edoardo Tavassi Crisis in Gf Vip

Eduardo Tavasi is in crisis at Big Brother Vibe’s house. the reason? Behavior and sarcasm used in recent days v George Ciobilan and Luciano Ponzo caused to Micol-Incorvia reactionwho decided Friendly Roman rival warned:

Come over here and I’ll whisper something to you. Be careful as it may sound… yeah the thing with B. We need to clear this stuff up here, even from yesterday. I don’t want to go any further. I think the boundaries are blurred in some jokes…

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As reported by Biccy, the comments CorvaiaHowever, they were sent verbatim In the crisis of Tavasi. In fact, the beloved Romanian competitor on the seventh edition of the reality show Canale 5, Gf Vip Recognition Help Application:

He told me to stop bothering him. What boxes to limit yourself. It can turn from a joke into something else that can be seen from the outside. Ismo… we understand each other. She did it gently, but it made me think no. For me, I do a little, I’m at 5%, but I don’t know what TV fees are acceptable. I like to make jokes and he is someone I joke with. Luka also makes jokes to me all day and then in theory too … but no, it’s not like that! My intention is always good. So why are you telling me that? I’m going to bed soon, but first I want to clear things up. I want to go to a confession center for this thing. They make me paranoid. I must ask her to sleep peacefully. I’m coming to bother you because I’m paranoid.

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