Do you have any idea how much it would cost to eat at a Cracco restaurant in Portofino like Ferragnez did? I am waiting!

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to eat at a Cracco restaurant in Portofino like Ferragnez did?  I am waiting!
The Ferragnez in Portofino – Street Food News

The Ferragnezes ate at Carlo Cracco’s star-rated restaurant in Portofino and the prices aren’t for everyone. Here is the cost of some selected dishes.

Claire Feragny And Fedez They’ve been very busy over the past year, between private matters and the work they’ve also toured The second season of their TV series Available on Amazon Prime, some episodes are already available while filming is finished.

The couple decided to spend some time with their families, so they went to Dubai after the trip portofino, Where some scenes were filmed “Viragines”. The influencer is very active on social media and has been documenting the holidays, and one of the cool places they went to is him Distinctive restaurant in Krakow.

The chef is known all over Italy For his participation in various TV shows like “MasterChef Ita“,”Supper Club” And “Hell’s Kitchen Italy. Today he is a 5 Michelin star winner and his talent and passion for cooking has made him so Its restaurants are among the most sought after in our country.

Feragne and Fedez had to eat and savor Delights suggested by Cracco, dishes are not accessible to anyone and this is because of the prices. Let’s see how much some dishes cost.

Cracco restaurant in Portofino

Carlo Craco opened his signature restaurant in Portofino during the summer of 2021 and the place is elegant, elegant and romantic. Instantly had queues of customers, reservations and full houses. The look of the restaurant was not the only thing that attracted consumers, the chef is known for creating unique dishes and combinations.

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Portofino’s atmosphere is one of the reasons Cracco’s is such a hit, in fact It overlooks the Gulf of Tigullio And the view, like the dishes suggested by the chef, Leave all customers speechless.

Cracco Restaurant in Portofino – Street Food News

Starred restaurant prices

Craco Offers A large selection of tasty and delicious dishes, from traditional first courses of Italian cuisine to more elaborate second courses. An example of an appetizer is Hunter meat, cumin water and almonds whose cost 56 euros.

I instead like Creamy risotto with roasted black cabbage and sea snails at a cost 46 eurosif you go to the latter, you can find delicacies likeBlue Lobster With Assorted Cherry Tomatoes, Strawberry And Elderberry that have a price 85 euros. Sweets around About 30 euros all.

The restaurant It provides for the payment of coverage equivalent to 10 euros per personTherefore, at the discretion of the chef’s restaurant menu, anyone who decides to live this magical experience will spend it About 250 euros each.

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