How to support Kyiv without highlighting the contradiction with Russia? –

How to support Kyiv without highlighting the contradiction with Russia?  –

Zelensky insists on having Atacms long-range ammunition, but the White House’s position has not changed. In the next few days, in the meantime, the European training plan will be improved which will allow Ukrainians a greater rotation


Kyiv – tells CNN Insist on owning Atacms . ammo Which will allow him to hit targets at a distance of 300 km, which is a large extension compared to the current 80 (Maximum range of missiles supplied to HIMARS). To impress the Pentagon, the Ukrainians formulated a proposal: we Ready to share target lists with youto give reassurance that the weapons will not be used against Russian territory. The White House has so far used its veto because it feared unleashing the war response Huge by the Kremlin. Resistance raises gravity saying that with Atacms it is possible Affects the enemy’s rear more deeply It also mentions the facilities from which they are leaving The kamikaze drones supplied by IranHalf appeared more and more. In fact, this last detail seems more of an excuse than a necessity. At the moment, the position of the United States does not appear to have changed Thus, Ukrainian President Zelensky – except for the surprises associated with developments on the ground – will not have the special ammunition. While that Receiving four more jugs of HIMARS 200 Mrap armored vehicles, 16 155-mm guns (with 85 thousand bullets, of which 500 are precision cannons), 105-mm guns, thousands of mortars and 200 thousand rounds. Not compensation, but maintenance for the arsenal While Advance resistance and consume. The need to replenish stocks is obvious.

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The other note in the notebook It’s about the European Union. The plan to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers will be completed in the next few days. Poland, funded by the European Union, should host the largest force, and it will be the rest Accepted in other countries according to established standards. At the moment it has been determined Germany will provide its own large polygon. Program parallel to it Executed by Great Britain with Joining half a dozen countries that provided trainers. The courses last about 4-5 weeks and cover urban combat and maneuvers as well as first aid. These military will be key Take charge of the divisions in the foreground for months. It is necessary to give rest, oxygen and rest.

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