How technology allows science to contribute to the common good

How technology allows science to contribute to the common good

there technology In the service of the common good. The Robot Feel and perceive thanks to artificial leather. stomach for change interaction with people and their surroundings. The study was published inThe intelligence of nature’s machineIt is coordinated by the Institute for BioRobotics of the Sant’Anna College of Advanced Studies Leap Forwardtechnology and science, which opens up new application scenarios. From medical robotics to Industry 4.0. By allowing robots to Helping people in the safest way. in the work environment. And in everyday

Latest technology

Kalogero Udo, study coordinator. And the Mariangela Velosa Co-author. let thephysical interaction In the safety of the machine with the environment and people is now possible. By incorporating a new sensor faux leather collaborative robots. This is evidenced by a study coordinated byBio Robotics Institute From St. Anna’s School of Advanced Studies. In cooperation withItalian Institute of Technology. Sapienza University of Rome and Biomedical Campus in Rome e Ca’ Foscari Venice. And with the center of competence Artes 4. The proces Made of an innovative synthetic leather that simulates a family of human skin pellets. this is me Receptors called ruffini’s corpuscles. Kalogero Odo, a professor at the Institute of Biorobotics in Santana School of Advanced Studies. The scientific coordinator of the study adds: “We have demonstrated the ability to code, over a large area and with complex geometry, two properties. Fundamentals and characteristics of human tactile perception. This is it Localization of the focal point. and the intensity with which the robot interacts with the environment.”technology

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Here, then, is the “bio-mimetic skin we made,” he explains Mariangela Velosa. A doctoral student at the BioRobotics Institute of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and co-author of the study. It’s made up of a soft polymer matrix. Which – which Bragg grating integrates optical sensorsDefine the world. Edoardo Sinibaldi is a researcher atItalian Institute technology. And participated in the supervision of this study from a scientific point of view. We used a fileIntegration of physical intelligence and artificial intelligence‘, indicates the positioning of the sensors inside synthetic leatherIn fact, it depends on physical intelligence. In order for the sensors to “talk to each other” through the skin itself, they must be positioned. at a certain distance and depth.pandemic

Account Networks

Interpretation of the sign produced by sensors It employs artificial intelligence. Moreover, Eduardo Sinibaldi continues, we were able to “Get more accurate results by artificial intelligence algorithms.” Using a set of Account Networks. As is often the case fluid dynamics problems Arithmetic. As proof that this Research field It can be dealt with effectively. through a multidisciplinary approachThe technology that is part of the so-called collaborative robots. With different scenarios. Like medical robots. Surgical robots. robots forpersonal assistance. This will allow robots to interact with people. Help them in the safest way possible in their daily tasks. Another scenario is thatIndustry 4.0. In fact, the robot can become a companion for Worker And the worker. Allow relief from homework and physical fatigue. And by reducing the incidence Accidents at work.

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