How often should the refrigerator be cleaned? Science says that…

How often should the refrigerator be cleaned?  Science says that…

Fridge cleaning is essential, even science says so. However, how often you do it makes a difference, so pay attention.

The refrigerator allows you to keep a file foods properly and therefore must be sterilized frequently, in order to maintain its functioning and to facilitate its maintenance over time.

be it big or small, It should always be cleaned on a regular basis Because it is in no way a device and bugs can compromise its performance. We are now used to using it but we do not always do the correct maintenance.

How often should the refrigerator be cleaned to avoid problems?

Cleaning the refrigerator means removing visible stains and dirt as well Go eliminate germs and bacteria. This step should not be overlooked, as with the moisture inside, there is a risk of it building up with major repercussions for the food inside. Even the freezer is a problem, so at least once a year you should defrost everything, remove any product present, and proceed with cleaning.

How often should you clean the fridge (

To properly clean your refrigerator you need to Remove everythingDon’t just think about moving products. Throw away everything you no longer use and then take the individual ingredients out of the fridge to wash them separately. Drawers, shelves, egg holders. When the fridge is empty, you can go and sanitize it with a soft cloth dampened with water, bicarbonate, and vinegar. Be careful, don’t scrub the fridge as you will ruin it Inner plastic. With these ingredients instead, you’re going to go sanitizing and deodorizing, too. If you want a real lifesaver, leave half a cut lemon inside usually, it will never generate unpleasant odors.

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Rinse everything well and then wash the removed items separately waterfall And dish soap. If there are stubborn stains, rub half a lemon with a handful of coarse salt on them. Once everything is done, wash every corner well and then dry it, never leave the refrigerator wet as this also aggravates the condition of germs and bacteria.

Science, based on data from studies on the spread of germs and bacteria, recommends defrosting the freezer once or twice a year and above all to prevent the appearance of ice. To do this, you must close the doors well and not push too many things inside. the interior parts of the refrigerator instead They must be disinfected at least every six weeks. Nobody follows this rhythm but it is essential to the health and well-being of the body because bacteria stick to the food stored inside and compromise its quality. Therefore, within a maximum of two months, a complete cleaning should be carried out.

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