What does it offer and how to order it

What does it offer and how to order it

Support for construction work has been extended to fixed bases until 2024. The incentive offers a 50% discount applicable to the cost of works that cannot exceed 96 thousand euros. Basically, this bonus gives up to 48 thousand euros to fund renewals. Let’s find out specifically what the bonus offers and how it can be requested.

Definitely said goodbye to rewarding famous interfaces, and Budget Law for 2022 she has 50% restructuring bonus extended for another three years.

Home Bonus 50%: What it offers and what are the deadlines


There is even time 2024 for Do home renovations (renovation of the bathroom, replacement of fixtures or other) and enjoyment, at the cost of incurring it, one Personal income tax deduction (the so-called restructuring bonus) within the maximum spending amount 48 thousand euros per real estate unit. The discount will be enjoyed at 10 annual installments of the same amount.

facilitation Allow Restoration, rehabilitation and extraordinary maintenance interventions From each real estate unit within the residential units and single-family buildings.

Only for residential units you can benefit from 48 thousand euro bonus also for Regular maintenance interventions on common partsExpense ceilings are calculated by adding the amount due for each real estate unit.

They are also considered subsidized expenses even those Removing architectural barriers And to get building garages or attached parking spaces.

50% Home Bonus: How do you order it?

house renovation

You can choose one The tax deduction is payable within ten years, in ten equal shares. So it will be necessary Enter the expenses in the form 730 When tax declaration.

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or, According to the restart decree (Legislative Decree 34/2020, Article 121), is The deduction can be converted into a tax credit and implement, in this way, the so-called “credit assignmentWhich provides the possibility Beneficiaries of the 50% home bonus owning Direct discount on the bill applied by the company executing the work.

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