How much does the Treasury get from the Christmas Lottery prize in 2018?

How much does the Treasury get from the Christmas Lottery prize in 2018?

Awards Christmas lottery 2018 They will pay less taxes this year. Until 2017, the first 2,500 euros won in this draw were exempt from paying taxes, but the amendment made by citizens to the state budgets for 2018 raised the exempt minimum to 10,000 euros. However, the tax remains the same: 20%.

Plus, this year it will just be a snack, because that minimum will go It rises gradually The next few years until it reaches €20,000 in 2019 and €40,000 in 2020. In this way, the prizes and their payments to the Treasury will be as follows in this Christmas Lottery draw:

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How to search and buy a specific number from the Christmas Lottery 2018?

-Big at Christmas. Granting 400,000 euros per tenth. It will only be taxed at €390,000, which will be taxed at 20%. Thus, the winner keeps the prize in the amount of 322 thousand euros and the treasury in the amount of 78 thousand euros.

– Second prize €125,000 per tenth. Only €115,000 will be taxed, so €23,000 will remain for the treasury and €102,000 for the awardee.

-Third prize 50,000 euros per tenth. The tax base would then be 40,000 euros, giving 8,000 euros to the treasury and 42,000 euros to the owner of the winning ticket.

-Fourth prize €20,000 per tenth. Only half of it will be taxed: €10,000. Therefore, the treasury will only have 2,000 euros left and the prize winner can enjoy a net worth of 18,000 euros.

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– Fifth prize 6000 euros per tenth. Since the amount is less than 10,000 euros, the winners of this prize will not have to pay anything to the treasury.

– Small and rough remaining prizes and refundsEverything less than €10,000 will be exempt.

How is the award announced?

Award winners They won't have to worry about how to declare that money. When you go to collect the award from the same department, the treasury automatically retains its share.

However, if the money received is reinvested, the investment returns must be taxed to the treasury in the form of bank interest or the famous wealth tax.

Lottery prizes It is not included in the taxable base of personal income tax. So you won't have to pay more in the annual statement. It also does not affect when receiving public aid for scholarships or social benefits.

What if it is shared?

If it is a joint award, it may come into effect Inheritance tax and donations, which will be paid by whoever receives the prize, which depends on each independent community. To save it you must inform the administration that the prize is shared when you receive it.

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If payment is made through a bank, tax consultants also recommend identifying all winners from the beginning. Firstly, because the entity is obliged to inform the Tax Authority, and secondly, because if it is collected by one person and then distributed, the treasury can consider this amount as a donation, and thus the public treasury will be doubly rewarded. .

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What if the prize winner is not a natural person?

In case of favour Whether it is a company, association, foundation, cooperative or any other legal form of societyCommitments change. The amount you earn will be included in your company tax base, with withholding tax subtracted from the amount you have to pay.

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