“90% of Americans know nothing about Ukraine” – Il Tempo

“90% of Americans know nothing about Ukraine” – Il Tempo

The war in Ukraine does not concern American citizens. This was revealed during the April 24 edition of Mezz’ora in Più, the Sunday talk show Rai3 hosted by Lucia Annunziata, by Alan Friedman, the American journalist, who put the elections in France on the same level of disinterest, with Emmanuel Macron winning the The challenge with Marine Le Pen: “From the American point of view, except for members of the financial and political elite in New York and Washington, no one followed the French elections. Today the New York Times and Washington Post put the election on the French ballot on the front page, but for the first time, it is not a topic on the The launch is being discussed in America, most Americans do not know who Macron is, not even. The first name.”

The same – explains Friedman – about the war in Ukraine, we are taken every day with feelings of horror for what is happening near us, but in the United States there is no talk of it. While it is being talked about in Washington, where they want to boost arms supplies to Ukraine, it is a controversial topic. A large part of Americans do not discuss or talk about Ukraine, 90% of Americans do not even know clearly what is going on.”

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