Ban on Chinese companies, the United States loosens its grip. But it is not a relaxation movement

Ban on Chinese companies, the United States loosens its grip.  But it is not a relaxation movement

Ban for Huawei All other blacklisted Chinese companies have been relaxed. This is not a concession from the US government, it is a concession A purely political and commercial move To maintain and enhance the advantage of the United States over the Asian country in Setting international standards in the field of technology.

Three years later Entry into force of the ban The document signed by then President Donald Trump something moving. Perks to share technology with blacklisted companies are defined by the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security.

In other words, American companies from now on He will be able to share technologies with these Chinese.”low levelWithout the need for any license (mandatory yet). The Biden government’s will to maintain control over the definition of standards is at a historic moment in which China is bridging the technology gap with the United States and is gaining more and more weight within the technical scales.

If restrictions on low-level technology sharing are eased, concerns about China’s role in designing and developing more advanced technologies will by no means change. Maintaining leadership at work will allow the United States to control the situation more effectively.

US stakeholders need to fully participate in international standards-setting organizations, particularly when critical but sometimes invisible standards have significant implications for national security and trade – Alan Estevez, US Under Secretary of Commerce.

Meanwhile, Huawei continues to navigate the horizon: founder Ren Zhengfei recently publicly acknowledged the company’s difficulties, noting that the global economic crisis would only exacerbate an already very fragile situation.

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