Juventus-Monza 2-1, card report: Federico Chiesa is back. Valoti lights up and records the results

Juventus-Monza 2-1, card report: Federico Chiesa is back.  Valoti lights up and records the results

Juventus (Edited by Pietro Lazzerini)

Perin 5.5 – surprised by the whipping of Vallotti’s head. Then he should not perform any further interventions except for the normal administration.

Daniel 7 – Lead a young team by raising your voice and trying to keep distance between your teammates and the midfield. It stands out as always even in the build phase, but Ken wastes the chocolate by shooting Cragno.

Rogani 6 – hides behind Danilo’s broad shoulders, but keeps Gytkjaer at a distance, which, however, does not outshine or alarm.

Cats 6 – In the first half, he turned into a pendulum, but at the time of the cross, he did not find any of his teammates willing to reward him. For the rest, he keeps the field without facing particular risks.

McKinney 6 – Crossing and joy for the Bianconeri: first he invented a perfect cross for Kane’s head and Juventus’s advantage, then Gap The header that allows Valoti to equalize with a punch from the corner. In the second half, he runs down the wing but is often imprecise in areas of the pitch where it is advised to handle them with more caution.

beans 6.5 – He leads the midfield more than his Argentine colleague. Adheres to in the two stages an appearance of increasing maturity. He also tries to throw himself forward but his work rarely accompanies the rest of the department. from 74′ Mariam 6 He feels his weight immediately because every time he takes the ball Monza has to double it. Try rabona when the game is in the balance and you get a mixture of cheers and curses.

Paredes 5 – First as an owner in black and white after months of abstinence and smooth performance without flashes. Landucci leaves him on the pitch throughout the game to give him a decent playing time but his form (and his desire) is far from the best of days.

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mereti 6 Another young midfielder holding up well without being able to score as much as Fagioli but still making very few mistakes. from 61′ Loctili 6 – Enter to give more balance to the team and succeed without much effort. A few minutes before the deadline, he snatches a ball and then sends it to Milik who, however, fails to score.

Iling 6.5 – When he launches into space, he is impervious to opponents who watch him pass without being able to interfere. If he adjusts his aim, he will indeed be a player of international caliber, he’ll probably get there over time, because he’s totally on his side. It is also characterized by defensive self-denial. from 74 ‘ Alex Sandro 5.5 Some excitement always makes him run.

Soulé 6.5 – Little Dybala. Quick and touches like the former Juventus player, he invented the pointe dance and ignited the imagination of the stadium. He did not enter the second half with the same position, and Landucci changed him to add experience to Juventus. from 60′ Church 7.5 – Stadium night news that the number 7 is officially back. His goal is a combination of his best qualities: tenacity, strength, pace and a fantastic shot which together gave the goal 2-1 to the raving crowd. Allegri was missing like air.

Key 6.5 – Takes 8 minutes to beat Cragnano with a superb header, but then gets lost in the maze of Monza’s defense and rarely engages in maneuvering. At the start of the second half, he found himself face to face with Crajnow but forgot about the coolness in the locker room. He scored two goals to make it 2-1 but at the time of the winning header he was in an offside position. from 82 ‘ Melek 6 – He misses a good opportunity, but he makes up for it with the help of Rabona Di Maria.

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Marco Landucci 6.5 A very young team that smells like the future. Sure, heavy artillery is needed to win, but at least some phrases have been revised and some nice wording. A good game is another, but there was a need to turn the page after Maradona won 5-1 and finding Chiesa bodes well for the upcoming matches. Starting in Atlanta.

Monza (Edited by Paolo Laura Lamia)

The final result: Juventus – Monza 2-1

Kragnow 6.5 – He can do little on Kane’s goal, in the first half he then opposes Soule’s shot from the outside. He also kept his team afloat at the start of the second half by denying Kane two goals, but in the final he raised the white flag on Chiesa’s amazing goal.

Marlon 6 – He contains the best he can in his area of ​​expertise, helping Antoff stop the often treacherous Eiling and, ultimately, Chiesa.

Mary 5,5 – Guilty of the Juventus goal because it leaves Kane alone in the middle of the area. Something more in the second half.

Charcoal 6 – McKinney struggles at first, but his containment is getting better and better and also trying to make some offensive sorties. from 57′ Carlos Augusto 5.5 – He failed to make the usual contribution in terms of pushing to the left and attacking solutions in terms of crosses and conclusions on target.

Antonov 5 – Seconded in a right wing role, Iling struggles on several occasions and even more so than Chiesa as in the action of Fiorentina’s previous match-deciding goal. From 82′ sensei sv.

frog 6 – Better as the match progresses, especially in terms of getting balls back and then sending them forward.

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piscina 6 – The Monza captain has yet to make noteworthy plays, but he still feels his presence at the nerve center of the pitch. from 57 ‘ Rovela 5.5 – He does not go into the field with a perfect stance, as he has mishandled several balls in the middle of the field.

D’Alessandro 6 – Few ideas left of him, almost never ending interesting suggestions for teammates in the area. Much better in this sense in the first part than the second half. from 67′ attribution 6 – He gives strength to the defense in the final, which is especially tense for him especially for the confrontation with Di Maria.

Colbani 6.5 – The most active of the attacking midfielders from Monza, who also has the advantage of kicking the corner ball from which the goal reaches 1-1.

Values ​​7 – In the shadows for most of the first half, he lights up at the right moment by heading Perrin in a corner kick that Colbani beat. However, his goal wasn’t enough for Paladino’s team. from 67′ Karam 6 – The former Chievo doesn’t have great bragging opportunities, few balls to spare.

GetGear 5.5 – A tough evening for the striker, capped off without too much trouble by the opposing centre-back and a few team-mates. Things don’t change after the break.

Raffaele Palladino 6 – He walks out of his Monza stadium at Allianz Stadium with his head held high, after a match in which he showed his usual shrewdness. A great game from Chiesa paid dearly, marked by a player who is already booked and does not risk a red card mistake like Antov.

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