Highway code, you can no longer drive: the tax authorities decided so, a tragedy for millions of Italians

Highway code, you can no longer drive: the tax authorities decided so, a tragedy for millions of Italians
Tax authorities prohibit the trading of some vehicles – solomotori.it

These days, the periods announced by the Tax Office for administrative detention expire: there is an absolute ban on movement. There are many notifications sent, and there are many people who will be left without the possibility of driving their own car. Opposing arrest brings staggering fines: that’s the situation.

the Owned cars They are invaluable assets for many reasons. There is the economic value, which decreases more and more over time, but not only that. Our cars are interspersed with them Emotional values And emotional ones are important, since we use them for many reasons. Every movement, whether for business or pleasure, Connects our memories with cars Which we drive. All this leads to a A unique bond With their own cars.

Obviously, though, I am problems They are always around the corner. Every vehicle requires Fulfilling some obligations, like repaired ones, are also wearable. This means that there are expenses, in addition to the usual expenses of fuelWhich involves high costs in case Breakdowns and damage to the car. The problems become more serious in some limited cases that may concern many Italian citizens.

when Contribution positions Not regularly, the tax authorities take little time to identify cars among real estate assets. At the end of September The first notifications started with administrative detention, and now yes End of the relevant period: Here’s what will happen.

Tax authorities say traffic stop: an absolute ban on certain vehicles

It was September 30th when the notifications came out Sent to mailboxes From all parties concerned. And actually had some notice where Interested persons have been invited to settle their contribution status In 30 days. After this period, things change clearly and tangible. First of all it shoots automatically Register with Bra.

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The fines associated with violating administrative detention are among the highest – Solomotori.it

at this point Administrative detention, while not allowing the vehicle to move. In case They were driving Parked vehicle, fines are among the highest ever: we’re talking numbers starting from 1988 euros And they arrive 7953 euros. However, after 60 days of notification, the tax authorities may arrive Until the car is confiscated. In short, it is advisable to remain vigilant about one’s contribution position Avoid any unpleasant event Tied to your car: The price to pay can be very high.

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