Here’s how to avoid draining spending and fuel

Here’s how to avoid draining spending and fuel

L ‘inflation On an annual basis, in May, it was calculated at 6.8% and rose by one 1.2% extra during the month of June. These figures, estimated by Istat, show that compared to last year, inflation has risen8%.

Also according to the National Institute of Statistics (Istat), in April, the Italian industry sales volume increased by 2.7% to reach + 22% over the previous year. However, repeat hours increased in May, contrasting with increased production.

Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund has lowered growth estimates for Italy, and thus GDP has fallen.

The picture is as follows: inflation is rising, industrial production as well, but GDP and employment are slowing. It is difficult to navigate in such a context that the prices of products on the shelves are rising.

How do you try to save?

Supermarket chains selling products with extension own brand (We don’t advertise but everyone knows a lot) They advertise that they want to compress selling prices, in some cases up to 50%. Except for the fact that it is always necessary to check the quantities of the product indicated by the prices, the choice of branded products for the supermarket that distributes them tends to correspond to the savings.

Another tip for buying food: Marketing techniques also benefit the psychology of consumers and the best answer is of a practical nature: shopping every day leads to the purchase of necessities without putting products in the cart that we can do without. (Freaks excluded, because one has to indulge in it now and then, of course, if at all possible). “Process” should at least become a motto while shopping: thinking about the menu, going to the supermarket with the necessary amount in your pocket to buy what we plan to buy, should avoid excessive shopping.

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Inflation is a smoked concept, because Expresses the average value. There are products whose prices also grow at multiples, and others whose prices rise at a smaller percentage. The end customer, rather than the average value of inflation, should be concerned with increasing the prices of the products that he normally consumes.

Then, with rising fuel prices, in addition to choosing a distributor at the best price, it is worth organizing yourself, perhaps among colleagues, to make, at least in part, the journey from home to work with as few cars as possible, taking turns or dividing costs. Public transportation, where possible, is a valid alternative to using private transportation. Not very flexible and not very comfortable but cheaper.

there Logic of transportation sharing With relatives and acquaintances, it may also make sense for activities that are carried out in free time. It is better to revise them in form than to have to abruptly limit them or remove them altogether.

In addition to the price of fuel, family budgets also affect Electricity costs. The hot season pushes us to use air conditioners and this leads us to two considerations. Leave a few degrees Celsius cooler to take up less or get used to the fans. An air conditioner can consume an average of 600 watts depending on the power class. The fan consumes, on average, 50 watts. Twelve times less and you can work better with a table that consumes between 15 and 25 watts. You can save, as long as you compromise your habits.

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