June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Here are the wedding photos

The footballer and influencer exchanged wedding rings and necklaces… with blood

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Boateng and Fradegrada, who together started a business in Tuscany by creating a wine label, celebrated late into the night between toast and good music. Promises were also exchanged between the player and the influencer via the Internet: the couple sold tickets for 50 euros, which will go to charity, to allow fans to attend the concert.

In addition to wedding rings, Kevin Prince and Valentina exchange a necklace containing a drop of their blood to seal a private union. And so, in the Radicondoli countryside among white flowers and immersed in a romantic and well-groomed atmosphere, Boateng in a tuxedo married Valentina, leaving behind a sunken marriage with Melissa Satta, with whom he had a son, Maddox.

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