Epic Games Store: May 18, 2023 Free Games Are Mysterious, Leak Confirmed?

Epic Games Store: May 18, 2023 Free Games Are Mysterious, Leak Confirmed?

this week Epic Games Store It will not indicate which game(s) will be released soon. Actually we will have to wait May 18, 2023 In order to find out what Free puzzle game by Epic Games.

In this regard, Belbel Con He (a well-known leaker) said that starting May 18, there will be eight free games, or two for each week of the “Mega Sales 2023” promotion. What are these games? At the moment this is unknown. The leaker said we’ll have to wait until May 18th to discover the first two.

However, he revealed that i Mega Sale 2023 It will allow you to get a 25% discount coupon for any game over € 14.99, in addition to the normal discount, of course. In the past, I used to get a new coupon after using one, but we don’t know if it will remain the same for 2023 sales. Again we’ll have to wait.

We remind you that free games are available on the Epic Games Store During the Mega Sale of 2022 They were Borderlands 3, Bioshock The Collection, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Maneater. We’ll have to see if there will be big names on the list again this year.

What is it your hopes? Finally, we remind you that the content pack for The Sims 4 is available, the free ‘game’ for the Epic Games Store on May 11, 2023.

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