Helldivers 2 is approaching 120,000 concurrent players on Steam, a record for a PlayStation game

Helldivers 2 is approaching 120,000 concurrent players on Steam, a record for a PlayStation game

Hell Divers 2 Continue to grind impressive numbers, with Nearly 120,000 players It arrived during the night and created remarkable Record PlayStation games on PCwhich had not reached a similar level before.

To be precise, during the night, Helldivers 2 reached 119,117 players, the highest data ever recorded by SteamDB, again in terms of number of players. connected simultaneously On online games, therefore it is not the total amount that is clearly higher.

It thus clearly surpassed the record for PlayStation games on PC, previously held by God of War with 73,529 simultaneous online players.

Contemporaneity has been helpful

Helldivers 2 is going through a period of general bug fixes

Obviously the situation here is different, since it's an online multiplayer game, but there's also another factor to take into account: Helldivers 2 is the first Sony PlayStation game to be released in Simultaneously on PC and PS5 With a same-day launch, while the company usually always opts for a delayed launch, the PC version is significantly behind the console version.

This is the new strategy that Sony is following in its many games Live service Which should also arrive in the near future, and it seems like the right choice. By launching on both platforms at the same time, it's easier to create a large user base right away, which is essential for titles of this type.

Who knows if these positive results might also convince Sony to launch other types of games on day one on PC, as Microsoft has done for years with first-party titles, but that's a topic that, for now, the Japanese company seems to be interested in ruling out a priori. .

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Meanwhile, Helldivers 2 appears to have patched some of its many technical issues found at launch with the first patch, which will be accompanied by other measures since the team has gone into “crisis mode” to quickly resolve all the issues.

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